Karolinska Development’s portfolio company Svenska Vaccinfabriken presents scientific advancements at international conference

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Karolinska Development AB (publ)
Karolinska Development AB (publ)

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 27, 2022. Karolinska Development AB (Nasdaq Stockholm: KDEV) announces that its portfolio company Svenska Vaccinfabriken has presented results from a preclinical study indicating that the company’s candidate therapeutic vaccine SVF-001 has potential to elicit an immune response in a disease model of chronic hepatitis B. The results were presented on June 25 at the EASL International Liver CongressTM 2022.

Svenska Vaccinfabriken develops therapeutic proteins and DNA vaccines targeting, among others, hepatitis B. Therapeutic vaccines have, in comparison to prophylactic vaccines, the potential to cure already infected patients. Chronic infections due to hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a key underlying factor to severe liver disease and cancer. Around 250 million people live with chronic hepatitis B today and due to the lack of curative therapies the need for effective treatments is large.

A hallmark of chronic hepatitis infections is the virus’s ability to evade the immune system. By interrupting the T-cell’s normal activity of seeking out and neutralizing the virus, tolerance is induced toward the virus and disease progression occurs. The recent study analyzed the immune response in a preclinical disease model of chronic hepatitis B following treatment with SVF-001. The results show that treatment generated a strong antibody response and high T-cell activity toward HBV. These positive data supports the further development of SVF-001.

"Hepatitis is a highly contagious infectious disease that affects both young and old worldwide and causes medical complications in both the short and long term. We are impressed by Svenska Vaccinfabriken and their innovative therapeutic vaccines that have the potential to address this widespread challenge, and we look forward to following the company's continued development," says Viktor Drvota, CEO of Karolinska Development.

Karolinska Development's ownership in Svenska Vaccinfabriken amounts to 34.8 percent.

Read the scientific abstract in its entirety (abstract code: SAT413): https://easl.eu/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/ILC-2022-Abstract-Book-15.06-Web.pdf

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