KARA Unveils Upcycled Collection of Accessories and Handbags

New York-based brand KARA is debuting a collection crafted from deadstock fabric, revealing an assortment of accessories, made with the environment in mind.

The capsule features three handbags and six unique garments. Each and every piece is one of a kind as they have been laser cut and overlaid into a combination of materials to create something entirely new. Using the ancient Japanese technique, Sashiko, previously loved T-shirts are bonded to stonewashed denim and finished with the unique stitching method, resulting in an utterly inventive item.

Styled by Italian designer Andrea Grossi, founder Sarah Law reflects on their creative collaboration, sharing in an exclusive press release, "Grossi has the ability to transform traditional references through innovation while supporting sustainable techniques to create something unique. In many ways, it's a true expression of KARA being many things, not fitting into a specific mold."

The collection includes the brand's signature items -- the Midi Crystal Fringe Tote, Cobra Pouch and the Crystal Cobra Camera Bag. Elsewhere, wearable accessories continue to be an expanding category for the brand, ushering in an eye-catching asymmetrical T-shirt and jacket, an upcycled beanie, as well as chaps that scream sexy Y2K rodeo.

Take a look at KARA's new upcycled collection in the gallery above, which will be available for purchase on the brand's online store on November 29.