Kanye West Spends Nearly Half A Million Bucks On His Dad Van

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It’s probably the most average Joe thing Kanye has spent money on, $400k or not…

No one can blame a rich person for dropping some serious money on their family car, and as unconventional as he may be, Kanye is still very much just a dad. Using his considerable means, he wanted to make sure he won the title of owning the best dad van out there, and it cost $400k, which is probably less than he earns per minute when he visits the State Farm Arena in Atlanta. The Maybach with a sliding door is fully outfitted inside, thanks to LA’s Wires Only.

Amid his public divorce battle with Kim Kardashian, Kanye knows all eyes are on him, but he’s definitely used to it at this point. When he rolled up to get ice cream in a Mercedes-Benz ‘Executive Style’ minivan from RD Whittington of Wires Only in Los Angeles to get ice cream, the paparazzi praised him for being an ‘amazing father.’

The custom dad van has each of the van’s seven seats has been swapped for leather recliners with their own trays and footrests. Unsurprisingly, the entertainment has been seriously upgraded. It has multiple large television screens and a seriously upgraded sound system.

This is a one-of-one van sold exclusively by RD Whittington, owner of Wires Only in L.A. and Miami. Kanye’s 4 kids get only the best when the musician is in dad mode.

Source: TMZ

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