Kanye West’s recent airplane karaoke performance was a headache for James Corden

James Corden paid a diplomatic visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, where he discussed his recent carpool karaoke airplane ride with Kanye West. Last year, Corden revealed that West cost The Late Late Show With James Corden $45,000 because he cancelled on him at the last minute, twice. Apparently West felt bad about cancelling so he reached out to James with a better idea. Corden recalled, “He texts saying could we do a Carpool Karaoke with the whole choir on like a bus or a truck in L.A.?” The request came on a Friday and West wanted to shoot the following Monday. Corden’s team scrambled to arrange permits, transport, and all the various production needs. West again cancelled and asked if they could push it to Wednesday. Unfortunately, at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, West cancelled again. To make up for cancelling on four separate occasions, West reached out to Corden and offered to have his team handle all the arrangements. Not only that, but he upgraded vehicle from a bus to an airplane. On the day of the shoot, Corden admitted, “Even as I walked onto the plane I thought at some point someone's going to go, ‘Yeah, no, it's not going to happen today.’” But everything went as planned. Turned out the fifth time was the charm for James, as he got to finally capture the elusive bit at 35,000 feet. Corden said, “I'll never, ever forget it. It was an incredible moment.”

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