Kanye West, Nick Fuentes Picture Says Everything About Inside Circle

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty

Kanye’s West’s “traveling roadshow of right-wing internet fame balls” may be the topic of the week, but according to Fever Dreams host Will Sommer, fame, like money, does not equal happiness.

In this week’s episode, Sommer and co-host Kelly Weill discuss the aftermath of Ye’s controversial dinner with former President Donald Trump last week. Notably though, it was Ye’s guest, the white nationalist Nick Fuentes, that had tongues wagging.

However, it was a picture posted by podcaster Tim Pool—whose interview with Ye made headlines after the rapper stormed off the set—that indicated life behind the scenes may not be all it seems. Pool posted the image of Ye, right-wing troll Milo Yiannopoulos, and Fuentes in a private jet to promote their upcoming chat.

“One of the odder things about this is how no one involved in Kanye’s traveling roadshow… it seems like they are in hell, and they are not happy to be here,” Sommer says.

“I think what must be going on here is that everyone must be kind of mirroring Kanye’s energy because Nick Fuentes in his heart is screaming with joy to be anywhere near what’s going on here. And I’m sure Milo is as well.

“Milo and Nick, whatever goes on here, they’re gonna benefit from it because their stars were much dimmer before they attached themselves to Kanye.”

Weill describes the sad scene in more detail.

“This is a strikingly low-energy photo. Kanye and Nick Fuentes are looking at their phones not talking to anyone. It’s just very grim for some people who are on a private jet. If this is the hype movement, if this is the really exciting 2024 candidacy, I’m just not seeing it from this photo.”

Then Cerise Castle, who covers the presence of gangs in the LA Sheriff’s Department in her new podcast, A Tradition of Violence, explains what it takes to become a member.

“To be in a gang in a Sheriff’s Department, it usually means that you are the type of deputy that isn’t afraid to crack heads and ask questions later to do whatever it takes to make a case and get an arrest statistic,” Castle alleges.

“And that includes things like planting guns, manufacturing evidence, planting evidence as well, lying in court on the stand, and also targeting other deputies that don’t go along with your criminal style of policing.”

Castle revealed other allegations of its members include “placing dead animals in their personal items, following them home threatening death, and other horrible brutal beatings and assaults.”

Nick Fuentes and the Illiberal Right Are America’s Homegrown Jihadists

Then, in the podcast’s “Fresh Hell” segment, the hosts discuss “the worst video game that your nephew is playing right now.”

The game is from Kyle Rittenhouse, the notorious gunman from the Kenosha riots, and called “Turkey Shoot,” where you shoot “fake news media” organizations—as represented by turkeys..

“I think this offers some insight into Kyle Rittenhouse’s post-trial career and post-acquittal career as a right-wing talking head,” Sommer says.

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