Kansas State DB commits what could be the dumbest targeting of 2017

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder talks with referee Reggie Smith after Cre Moore’s ejection for targeting. (AP Photo)

Nothing good will ever come from a defender launching himself straight into an opponent with the top of his helmet.

There are, however, varying degrees of stupidity when doing so. Kansas State‘s Cre Moore discovered peak foolishness with a wholly unnecessary targeting against a truly defenseless Trestan Ebner for Baylor on Saturday.

Cre Moore was ejected for targeting Baylor running back Trestan Ebner.

Let’s count the ways in which this was dumb.

  1. Ebner could’ve been seriously injured.
  2. Moore could’ve been seriously injured.
  3. With Baylor facing third-and-nine, Ebner gained only eight yards on this run before getting wrapped up, meaning Moore’s hit was the only way Baylor gets a first down here.
  4. Baylor was able to end the drive with a much-needed field goal after Kansas State scored a touchdown on its opening possession.
  5. Moore’s ejection forced the Wildcats to go from having a senior in their secondary, to playing a redshirt sophomore.
  6. Both players could’ve been seriously injured.

Yes, it merits repeating multiple times how lucky these players are to bounce right back up. Ebner is tackled well before Moore begins to lower his head here. Moore leads with the crown of his helmet and makes direct contact on Ebner with it.

This could quite literally be used as an example of how not to tackle for years to come.

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