Kansas City fan buries Chiefs flag under Raiders' new stadium site in Las Vegas

If there weren’t already enough bad karma surrounding the Raiders’ decision to abandon their California roots for a new stadium in the desert, a rival AFC West supporter has found another way to curse the franchise.

A Kansas City Chiefs fan apparently working at the construction site for the Raiders’ new home in Las Vegas says he buried a “Chiefs Kingdom” flag underneath what will soon be a $1.9 billion football palace.

Raiders owner Mark Davis poses beside Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and NFL commissioner Roger Godell during a ceremonial groundbreaking for the Oakland Raiders’ stadium in Las Vegas. (AP Photo)

For starters, that’s a pretty sweet flag. Hopefully it’s not the only one of those that guy owns. More to the point, this will always remain an excellent way to troll an opponent. Assuming this doesn’t somehow cause catastrophic structural damage to the stadium, it’s always entertaining to watch fans go wild over something so harmless.

Does burying a flag give one team an advantage for eternity? No. Do you want that type of thing hanging over every home game anyways? Absolutely not.

It’s been nearly a decade since a Boston Red Sox fan buried a David Ortiz jersey at the construction site for new Yankee Stadium and, naturally, a big deal was made over digging it back up.

Will the same go for the Raiders? It’s not like the majority of their fanbase is located in Las Vegas right now. Will current Oakland fans demand the flag be found and removed? Or will they stop caring now that the team is moving?

You certainly can’t blame them either way.

Who knew such a small act of trolling could lead to such ethical dilemmas?

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