Kanika Brown, candidate for NC House District 71

Name: Kanika Brown

Political party: Democrat

Age as of Nov. 8, 2022: 47

Campaign website: KanikaBrown.com

Occupation: Rehabilitation worker

Education: Proud graduate of Glenn High School and Forsyth Technical Community College

Have you run for elected office before? Ran for the same seat in the Democratic primary in 2020

Please list highlights of your civic involvement: I have been involved with multiple on-the-ground causes from a young age, including activism surrounding AIDS awareness, groups that shine a light on the need to lift up people with disabilities and special needs and have served as a substitute teacher in all levels of education here in Forsyth County.

What are the three issues that you see as most important to your district and what will you do to address them?

Healthcare: Must expand Medicaid — it’s time we close the coverage gap for hundreds of thousands of our neighbors. Housing: I want to spearhead cooperation between the General Assembly and local stakeholders to incentivize the development of affordable housing. Women’s rights: We must codify Roe in North Carolina law and ensure a woman’s right to an abortion is protected in our state.

At a time when costs are rising, state government has a surplus. How should it be used?

I think there are many worthwhile causes — investing in our public school system would be a great use of this surplus. I’ve seen first-hand students having to share outdated textbooks, with overworked and underpaid teachers. It’s time that North Carolina gets back to being the stalwart supporter of public education that we used to be.

Will you vote for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina?


What has the legislature gotten right, and what has it gotten wrong, about public education in North Carolina?

I can’t say that I feel that the legislature has gotten much right about public education — there’s a reason why so many teachers have had to either change careers or move out of North Carolina in order to pay their bills. Now teachers have been targeted as “groomers,” “pedophiles” and “racists” for teaching about LGBTQ+ issues and racial justice. We need to pay teachers more, stop interfering with them in the classroom and make sure every child has access to a free, quality education.

Should North Carolina change its abortion laws? How?

There should be fewer restrictions on abortion after 20 weeks.

Please add anything else voters should know about your position on the legality or availability of abortion in North Carolina.

I will always be a fighter for the right to choose in the legislature.

Should medical marijuana be legalized in North Carolina?


What, if anything, should the legislature do to shape curriculum dealing with topics of race, sexuality and gender?

I trust teachers to make these decisions — I have been incredibly disappointed to see the attacks levied on teachers trying to create more equitable and cooperative classrooms.

Do you accept the results of the 2020 presidential election?