Kal Penn Danced with a Strawberry at Harry Styles Concert: 'There Might Have Been Two Vodkas Involved'

Kal Penn
Kal Penn

Gabe Sachs Kal Penn

Kal Penn isn't afraid to let the music move him.

At a recent Harry Styles concert, Penn, 45, admits he "honestly didn't know what to expect. I show up, and from the time it starts, I'm dancing my face off." The actor noticed a particular fan in the row in front of him who was wearing a strawberry costume. "She's throwing down from the very beginning," he recalls. "By the end, I was like, 'I'm dancing with you.' There might have been two vodkas involved."

Penn, who stars in the new horror film, Smile, and the upcoming Disney+ limited series, The Santa Clauses, spoke to PEOPLE for One Last Thing:

Last time I cried: I popped into Dunkin' Donuts, and there was an English bull­ dog in there. I pet her, and my hand on her face felt exactly like it did when I'd pet our bulldog, who passed away last year. I started walking home and totally lost it.

Last game I played: Carrom. It's a board with four pockets, and you flick these discs into them. I'm not competitive. Well, I am at mini golf, but that's just because I get angry, like Happy Gilmore­ style.

Last time I stayed up too late: I'm a nerd for astronomy. You can sign up to get a text when the space station is passing overhead. I've set the alarm for 3:30 in the morning to go look.

Last fashion disaster: In college, like post­ Nirvana, Pearl Jam era, everything was oversize, and it wasn't flattering. I was never guilty of jorts, but I do stand by my cargo pants.

Smile is now playing in theaters. The Santa Clauses premieres on Disney+ on Nov. 16.