Kaafi Real: Palestinian Lives vs Israel’s ‘Right to Self-Defence’

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As air raids launched by the Israeli Army continue over Palestine’s Gaza Strip, Aljazeera on Monday, 17 May, reported that at least 192 Palestinians, including 58 children and 34 women, were killed in Gaza since bloodshed began in Palestine and its occupied territories a week ago.

The violence in the region reportedly escalated this week after the Israel carried out airstrikes on Palestine's Gaza Strip, and Gaza’s Militant body, Hamas, fired rockets towards Tel Aviv.

While the devastation caused by the abundantly overpowered Palestinian forces is diminutive compared to death and destruction levied by the Israeli army, the Israel administration, as well as several western powers have declared their unwavering support for Israel’s “right to self-defence.”

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On 27 April, a Human Rights Watch report had ultimately recognised that Palestinians are seized in a struggle against decades-long illegal and immoral occupation, which was equivalent to the international crime of apartheid.

More recently, there was conversation surrounding the forceful eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem, especially from the settlement at Sheikh Jarrah – another instance of the years of unlawful evictions the Palestinian people have faced at the hands of the army of settler power, which has disproportionately killed the civilian population of an entire nation.

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