I Just Killed My Dad: The true story behind Netflix’s shocking true crime miniseries

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The latest addition to Netflix’s ever-expanding catalogue of true crime series, I Just Killed My Dad, arrives on the streaming service on 9 August.

However, the new three-part docuseries features an unusual twist – it was created with the involvement of the killer at the centre of the criminal case.

I Just Killed My Dad focuses on the case of Anthony Templet, who shot his father three times through the head before phoning the police and immediately confessing.

However, Templet was able to avoid prison time, being sentenced to just five years of supervised probation after explaining his reasons for the killing.

I Just Killed My Dad features interviews with Templet, who opens up about the horrific circumstances surrounding his patricidal crime.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the true story behind the documentary…

The crime

The incident happened in Louisiana on 3 June 2019. Templet shot his father, Burt Templet, and then rang 911 and told the switchboard operator: “I just killed my dad. I shot him three times.”

There were no signs of a physical struggle or evidence that the shooting had been carried out in self-defence.

However, lawyers for Templet argued that he had suffered over a decade of abuse at the hands of his father. His stepmother, Susan Templet, and other family members pushed for him to avoid a prison sentence.

Burt and Anthony Templet (Netfoix)
Burt and Anthony Templet (Netfoix)

The motive

I Just Killed My Dad goes into harrowing details about the various methods of abuse Burt Templet inflicted on his son.

He had abducted him from his birth mother’s care at the age of just five years old.

Templet suffered physical abuse at the hands of his father, telling interviewers that his father would beat him for hours at a time.

His father was also abusive in controlling his son’s movements, tracking the child’s location using his phone and installing cameras around the family home.

Burt Templet (Netflix)
Burt Templet (Netflix)

Susan Templet also speaks about how she raised Templet as her own child, teaching him to read after Burt forbade him from attending school.

After Burt assaulted her and threatened to kill her, she left the home in March 2019, reporting the incident to police.

With Susan gone from the home, Burt’s substance abuse intensified, and he faced recurring visits from police attempting to serve him court papers.

What happened afterwards

Eventually, Templet was granted a plea bargain instead of a manslaughter charge, with the Louisiana legal system being praised for its empathetic response to the case.

Anthony Templet is the subject of the Netflix documentary ‘I Just Killed My Dad' (Courtesy of Netflix)
Anthony Templet is the subject of the Netflix documentary ‘I Just Killed My Dad' (Courtesy of Netflix)

Templet, who is now 20 years old, was released from jail and instructed to get his high school diploma, as well as receiving counselling.

He was subsequently reunited with his birth mother.

I Just Killed My Dad is available to stream on Netflix now.