In Just 8 Months of 2021, Climate Change Spurred Events Have Devastated India

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It has just been eight months in 2021, and what have been called "crazy weather events" have devastated the length and breadth of India.

Except, these are not "crazy weather events" but the phenomenon of climate change finally catching up with humanity.

Climate change, which has now been talked about for decades, is causing weather systems across the world to change in a manner that is destroying lives, livelihoods and in some cases, entire generations. The human cost is too high to even estimate.

Here's are some such events, spurred by climate change, that India has been witness to in 2021:

  • Late onset of monsoons

  • Excess rainfall across the country

  • Cyclone Yass in India's east coast

  • Cyclone Tauktae in India's west cost

  • Uttarakhand glacial floods

  • Himachal Pradesh cloudbrst

  • Uttarakhand forest fires

  • Himachal Pradesh landslide

  • Lightening death in Rajasthan

  • Jammu & Kashmir cloudburst

  • Floods in Madhya Pradesh

  • Floods in West Bengal

Climate scientists say that India is especially vulnerable to climate change because of its various ecologies which include rivers, coasts, mountains, deserts, semi-arid regions etc.

Here's a look at how climate change has shown itself in India this year, and how experts think this will look like in the days to come.

And if you think this is a India-specific problem, think again.

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