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In a list of the most iconic Jurassic Park characters, Laura Dern's Dr Ellie Sattler would be pretty high up the rankings.

Sadly, the quick-witted paleontologist hasn't been seen since 2001's Jurassic Park III, but Jeff Goldblum's Dr Ian Malcolm made a much-hyped cameo in this summer's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, so maybe Ellie will be coming out of retirement soon too?

Star of that movie, Bryce Dallas Howard, is definitely keen.

When asked by CinemaBlend which classic franchise character she'd like to see revived, Bryce said: "Laura Dern. Duh. She's like a supernatural being, no matter what, in real life. I think it'd be incredible. I'm certainly not the only person who'd think this."

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"For me, what I'm most wanting, other than an undercut [laughs] is for there to be more characters from the earlier films," she added. "That would be really exciting."

Start a petition, Bryce. Where do we sign?

Not only is a current star yearning for her return, but actual Laura Dern thinks it's a good idea too.

Dern previously teased: "I think you have to ask the filmmakers."

She went on to outline why she thought it was the right moment for Dr Ellie to make a comeback.

"It's a good time for powerful, feminist characters to be honoured," Dern said.

"I loved Ellie. I feel the proudest that a feminist, sassy, take-no-prisoners energy, who was integral to the storyline in saving the day, was honoured.

"I've had so many kids – boys and girls – for a couple decades now, come up to me saying, 'I became a palaeontologist because of you'. And I love that it's boys and girls."

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