Julia Roberts Just Celebrated Her 19-Year-Old Twins With an Adorable Birthday Tribute

julia roberts at premiere of universal pictures ticket to paradise
Julia Roberts Posted a B-Day Tribute to Her TwinsTommaso Boddi - Getty Images

Hello, and good afternoon! I am here to report that Julia Roberts, outstanding actor and pretty woman, *also* holds the title of incredible mom. 🥺❤️ Earlier today, the iconic celeb shared a sweet black-and-white throwback pic of her 19-year-old twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus Walter, sitting on her lap as bb's alongside the caption, "✨✨19✨✨ There are no words for the joy, the fun, the wild rumpus of life together 💕."

The Eat Pray Love actor—who also shares son Henry, 16, with husband Daniel Moder—is relatively low-key when it comes to sharing too many details of her personal life but has occasionally given us glimpses such as this one ^^ of her adorable family. Case in point? Back in April 2022, the celeb detailed the "really critical" parental lessons she and her husband implement in their day-to-day.

"I think it's our personal responsibility to advocate for ourselves, and I think that my husband and I both are people of strong convictions and opinions and compassions and I think that we try to instill that in our kids as much by example as by preaching," she said during a candid conversation with E!.

julia roberts
Tommaso Boddi - Getty Images

"It's an interesting society and culture that they're coming to age within, and I think that... they bear a huge responsibility—more than I think I did at their age—to speak their minds and speak up for themselves and advocate for the things that they believe in," the celeb continued.

And during a separate October 2022 interview with Today's Hoda Kotb, Julia opened up about the v relatable feeling of second-guessing one's parenting skills. "Sometimes I get gripped with fear of blowing it," she admitted. "And sometimes I've just said to my kids, 'So today, me as a mom? Can we just take that off the board because I blew it.'"

She then continued: "The truth is...no matter how old we are, [our children] have chosen us in this moment to be their stewards and their shepherds in this life experience."

Truly didn't think I could love her any more, but here we are!

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