Julia Fox looks like Ariel after dramatic hair transformation

Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images
Photo credit: MEGA - Getty Images

No fashion transformation is too extreme for Miss Julia Fox. The muse, model, actress and mother-of-one made a name for herself through a role in the critically acclaimed movie Uncut Gems (or "Uncuh Jahmz" as she has been known to call it). While a romance with Kanye West was what hurtled her to global recognition, it's her fire fits that keep her always on our minds: from the lowest of low waistline trousers to teensy bra tops.

One part of Julia's look that is more than a little underrated? Her bold beauty looks, ofc. From her meme-inspiring, signature "fox eye" eye look to her dramatic, bleached blonde eyebrows, she's always pushing boundaries when it comes to beauty.

One near-constant when it comes to Julia's aesthetic, however, is her long chocolate brown hair which she tends to wear loose and with a centre parting. But, always one to keep us guessing, it looks like she's ready to switch things up. Case-in-point? At the Diesel fashion show she paired a custom, denim-look PVC outfit with avant-garde slicked back hair complete with blue tips.

Now she's taking things a step further with a seriously dramatic hair transformation we did *not* see coming. Specifically, she's taken to Instagram to share a picture of herself with long flowing hair in - wait for it! - flame red. The dramatic hair look, which sees her sport waist-length tresses, was complemented by the skinniest, line-like eyebrows to really take the skinny eyebrow trend to the next level.

What can we say? We're obsessed: channelling the likes of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, this is such a bold makeover. For anyone not so convinced, it's worth pointing out that this is most definitely a wig - we're going to be seeing Julia's signature brown locks back again soon.

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