Judge issues injunction against Mexico City bullfights

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — A Mexican judge issued an injunction against bullfighting in Mexico City on Friday, and ordered a hearing on whether to ban the practice.

The constitutional injunction orders that no fights be held until after a hearing early June.

It is not clear whether the suspension in late May and early June would affect any fights. Bull fights were apparently scheduled at the city’s main professional ring in July and September.

Since 2013, four states in Mexico have already banned bull fights, and polls indicate substantial support for a ban. A ban in Mexico City — currently the largest venue for the events — would be an international setback for bullfighting.

Last year, the Mexico City assembly’s Animal Welfare Commission gave preliminary approval to a law banning public events “at which animals are subject to mistreatment and cruelty that result in their death.” But the bill never made it to a vote before the full assembly.

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