Joyce vs Zhang 2 LIVE! Boxing result, fight stream, latest updates and reaction

Zhilei Zhang made light work of Joe Joyce inside London’s Wembley Arena on Saturday.

‘Big Bang’ proved far too good for the ‘Juggernaut’ in April, inflicting the first defeat of Joyce’s professional career by way of TKO after the Brit sustained significant damage to his right eye.

In preparation for the rematch, Joyce spoke about correcting the “mistakes” that saw him so easily defeated. Having come in almost a stone lighter than his opponent the first time around, Joyce piled on the pounds to reach a career-high weight of over 20st.

That did not work either. Joyce was sluggish, tentative and frankly lethargic during the fight, failing to throw anything meaningful and looking rocked as soon as Zhang picked him off on the inside. By the time Zhang felled Joyce with a spiteful haymaker in the third round, it felt as if ‘The Juggernaut’ had already lasted too long.

Quite where he goes from here is unclear. Credit must be afforded for taking a rematch laced with risk but it may well have cost him his top level career.

Joyce vs Zhang 2 latest news

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  • Chris Eubank Jr sends classy message to Joe Joyce

Good night!

00:26 , Jonathan Gorrie

Thanks for joining Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Joe Joyce’s defeat to Zhilei Zhang.

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Joe Joyce shrugs off retirement talk after Zhilei Zhang defeat

00:25 , Jonathan Gorrie

Joe Joyce shrugged off talk of retirement after falling to a second defeat in a matter of months to Zhilei Zhang on Saturday evening.

‘The Juggernaut’ arrived at Wembley Arena looking to avenge the first professional loss of his career, suffered back in April when Zhang inflicted significant damage to his right eye.

At 38 and having lost his WBO ‘interim’ heavyweight title crown, the pressure was on. Still, his decision to come in at a career-high weight of over 20st looked to have backfired even seconds into the defeat, with the Brit appearing sluggish.

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Chris Eubank Jr responds to Joe Joyce knockout with classy message

00:07 , Jonathan Gorrie

Chris Eubank Jr moved to praise Joe Joyce following his defeat to Zhilei Zhang on Saturday night inside London’s Wembley Arena.

‘The Juggernaut’ fell to a second defeat to the Chinese heavyweight in a matter of months, fairing worse than his initial sixth-round TKO loss in April.

It took ‘Big Bang’ only three rounds to dispose of the 38-year-old, ending a contest he had dominated from the off with a vicious haymaker.

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The moment

23:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Knockout of the year contender...

Full fight report

23:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

Joe Joyce fell to a second defeat in a matter of months to fearsome Chinese heavyweight Zhilei Zhang on Saturday night.

‘The Juggernaut’ spoke about correcting the “mistakes” that saw him suffer a sixth-round TKO defeat at the Copper Box Arena in April and opted to come in 10lbs heavier than he ever had before for the rematch.

Read Jonathan Gorrie’s full match report here!

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(Action Images via Reuters)

Joyce vs Zhang 2: JOYCE DOWN!

23:03 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: IT’S OVER!

Joe Joyce STOPPED with a spiteful haymaker in the dying embers of the third round.

An even worse performance this time around from ‘The Juggernaut’...

Joyce vs Zhang 2: Joyce holding on!

23:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: Zhang is teeing off on Joyce now. The Brit is far too tenative, not throwing anything meaningul at all.

When Zhang steps it up, it’s bad news for Joyce. ‘Big Bang’ is in control.

Joyce vs Zhang 2: Joyce saved by the bell

22:59 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Zhang landing some BIG punches when he comes forward. Joyce took a lot of punishment there.

Walking on to too many shots and not moving quick enough.

Joyce vs Zhang 2: JOYCE caught!

22:57 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Hammer of left hand catches Joyce, who’s wobbling!

Troubled the first real time he’s come forward.

Joyce vs Zhang 2: Tentative start

22:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Joyce keeping sensible, moving constantly to avoid giving Zhang the kind of static target he got in the first round.

Already a better start than in April!

Joyce vs Zhang 2: We are underway!

22:51 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Away we go!

Can Joyce get his revenge? ‘The Juggernaut’ is moving to his left a lot more in the opening stages, looking to negate the southpaw.

Joyce vs Zhang 2: Zhang booed on entry

22:46 , Jonathan Gorrie

‘Big Bang’, as you can imagine, is not getting the same kind of reception.

Joyce vs Zhang 2: Ring walks begin

22:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Here we go!

Big reception for Joyce, who like Chris Eubank Jr earlier this month, desperately needs to win.

Joyce ‘correcting mistakes’ at career-heaviest weight for Zhang rematch

22:36 , Jonathan Gorrie

Joe Joyce will be at a career-heaviest weight for Saturday’s rematch with Zhilei Zhang in London on Saturday evening.

‘The Juggernaut’ suffered the first loss of his professional career to the Chinese heavyweight in April, falling to a sixth-round defeat by way of TKO following significant damage sustained to his right eye.

It feels increasingly like must-win territory for Joyce, who lost his WBO ‘interim’ heavyweight title to Zhang after the initial bout.

Another defeat would leave the 38-year-old way outside of the title picture and Joyce has taken measures to absorb some of the ferocious hand speed Zhang has in his locker.

The Brit tipped the scales at a career-high 281.2lbs (20.07st), beating his previous highest weight by 10lbs. Joyce’s decision to came in at 256lbs (18st 2lbs) in April, the lowest he’d been at since 2019, had been criticised after his loss in April.

Zhang, meanwhile, was also at a career-heaviest weight, tipping the scales at 287.2 Ibs (20st 5lbs).

“I knew the weight was a little bit light last time,” said Joyce at Friday’s weigh-in.

“I started the camp already on weight so this time I’ve corrected all the mistakes and been a bit more conscious of what I’ve been eating and the way I’m training.

“I’m in a lot better a place, physically, mentally and also with my focus and drive to win this time.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Main event time!

22:31 , Jonathan Gorrie

After a stacked undercard, we’re closing in on the main event.

Will it be repeat or revenge?

Yarde is back!

22:29 , Jonathan Gorrie

Anthony Yarde vs Jorge Silva

22:21 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: It’s over!

Silva felled by a spiteful right hand to the head and the referee steps in to call it off.

A good finish but not a huge test.

Anthony Yarde vs Jorge Silva

22:19 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Yarde having big succes to the body and is now putting punches together.

Two or three shots across the body before an uppercut whipped across the middle has Silva wincing.

Anthony Yarde vs Jorge Silva

22:17 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Yarde just feeling his opponent out here, not much to report early on.

Up next: Anthony Yarde vs Jorge Silva

22:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

It’s the return of Anthony Yarde! The Brit is looking to get back on the world title trial.

Easy night’s work

22:05 , Jonathan Gorrie

Statement showing

22:02 , Jonathan Gorrie

Moses Itauma vs Amine Boucetta

21:58 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Down goes Boucetta!

Itauma with a spiteful uppercut through the guard.

Boucetta gets up, somehow, but is backed onto the ropes and takes more punishment. The towel duly comes in.

Up next: Moses Itauma vs Amine Boucetta

21:55 , Jonathan Gorrie

A lot of excitement around Itauma, who had a stellar amateur career.

Two of his four wins are by way of knockout and there have been some early comparisions to a certain Mike Tyson...

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner: O’Leary wins!

21:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

There we go!

Garnder does not look pleased but O’Leary retains his WBC international super-lightweight title by decision.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:44 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 10: That’s it!

Fantastic contest, O’Leary should be winning that by a fairly large margin, however.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:37 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 9: Gardner has really recoverd well from being rocked by O’Leary in the seventh.

Can see why he’s never been stopped...

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:30 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 7: O’Leary fights back!

Gardner might have been ramping up the pressure but a spiteful left hook has rocked him!

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 5: O’Leary cut!

Blood flowing from his left eye here.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:22 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 5: Gardner now starting to ramp up the piece, countering off O’Leary.

Certainly growing in confidence.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:20 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 4: O’Leary still risking getting caught with a left hook. Gardner starting to put punches together towards the end of the round.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:18 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 4: Nice shot from O’Leary has Gardner backing on to the ropes in a very good start to the round.

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:11 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Gardner the more active but very wary of the power O’Leary has in his locker.

Next fight up: Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

21:04 , Jonathan Gorrie

Here we go!

Parker vs Graidia: Parker wins!

20:50 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 7: Really good pefrormance from Parker.

Graidia appeared to have broken nose in the last round and his corner throw the towel in.

Parker vs Graidia: Parker with the best shot of the night so far!

20:41 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 5: Really nice uppercut from Parker, who is boxing incredibly well.

Graida is certainly durable but isn’t offering a huge amount going forward.

Parker vs Graidia: Cagey so far

20:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 4: Parker hasn’t really put a foot wrong but he really cannot risk anything here.

Making for quite a cagey fight in the opening stages.

Parker vs Graidia up next

20:24 , George Flood

It’s the return of Zach Parker next at Wembley Arena.

The former British and WBO International super-middleweight champion is in action for the first time since an injured hand forced his early retirement against John Ryder last November.

His comeback is against France’s Khalid Graidia, who has lost to the likes of Dan Azeez, Ezra Taylor and Karol Itauma already this year.

Barney-Smith outpoints Gomez

20:13 , George Flood

A thoroughly convincing display from Barney-Smith, who dominates en route to a comfortable 60-52 points win over Engel Gomez.

‘Sugar Boy Roy’ stays unbeaten and improves his professional record to 7-0.

Next up!

19:43 , Matt Verri

The undercard action continues at Wembley Arena.

Royston Barney Smith takes centre stage now, with the undefeated southpaw taking on Engel Gomez.

He’ll be keen to put on a show on the big stage...

Easy night...

19:30 , Matt Verri

Just in time!

19:19 , Matt Verri

Victory for Ezra Taylor, who gets the stoppage with just a few seconds left in the fight.

Good test for him tonight, McIntyre certainly challenged him, but Taylor gets the rounds and the win. Job done.

Ezra Taylor vs Joel McIntyre

18:56 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: Taylor the more active, though neither man causing too many issues.

Ezra Taylor vs Joel McIntyre

18:52 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: Little to split the two again, Taylor landing some nice jabs to the head.

Ezra Taylor vs Joel McIntyre

18:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Cagey at the start but Taylor landing some really nice shots towards the end.

Next fight up: Ezra Taylor vs Joel McIntyre

18:39 , Jonathan Gorrie

Here we go! Racing through the undercard

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:34 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 4: Stunning finish from Fletcher!

Rapid combinations to the body and some spiteful work to the head see Tapia’s corner throw in the towel

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:33 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 3: Tapia on the floor again after a body shot, saved the bell once more.

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:27 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 2: It’s a third knockdown for Fletcher! This time with a spiteful jab.

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:24 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Tapia looks to have responded well, keeping himself standing but is again floored by Fletcher, albeit is saved by the bell.

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:23 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 1: Tapia hurt with a body shot! Fletcher piling on th pressure now.

Next fight up: Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

18:16 , Jonathan Gorrie

Here we go!

Sean Noakes vs Lukasz Barabasz

18:12 , Jonathan Gorrie

Round 6: Noakes, who has a big support here at the OVO Wembley Arena, edges a split decision to remain undefeated!

Zhilei Zhang interview: ‘Fighting Joe Joyce was enjoyable - the rematch will end even sooner’

18:06 , Jonathan Gorrie

There is something particularly jarring about listening to Zhilei Zhang reflect on beating Joe Joyce.

Daniel Dubois went home with an orbital fracture when losing to his British rival three years ago. Joseph Parker, who lost his world title to Anthony Joshua, labelled Joyce his “toughest challenge” after defeat last September. And then there is Zhang.

“It’s quite enjoyable to be in the ring with him,” he tells Standard Sport, via Free Bets.

“He’s not moving his head, he’s not changing his position and angles. That makes my job easier.”

‘The Juggernaut’ had been an apt nickname for Joyce, a man bowling towards a world title shot with a series of relentless, if somewhat cumbersome, performances. That was until April 15 earlier this year at the Copper Box, when Zhang took his unbeaten record and with it the WBO interim title.

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Anthony Yarde exclusive: I want another world title shot after Artur Beterbiev thriller

18:00 , Jonathan Gorrie

Anthony Yarde has targeted a third world-title shot - and believes he will make it third time lucky after his fight of the year contender against unified light-heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev.

The Ilford fighter was stopped by the Canadian in the eighth round of a pulsating clash at Wembley Arena in January, his second aborted world-title challenge after defeat by Sergey Kovalev in 2019.

Read the full story here!

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Joe Joyce: I overlooked Zhilei Zhang once... that won’t happen again

17:57 , Jonathan Gorrie

Joe Joyce knows exactly what’s on the line when he takes on Zhilei Zhang for a second time in London this weekend: everything.

The Londoner might not get another chance if he loses again at Wembley Arena on Saturday night. He will find himself, at 37 years old, at the back of the queue for a heavyweight world title.

Crazy to think just five months ago, as the promising challenger, he looked set to fight WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO king Oleksandr Usyk and now his entire career seems to rest on avenging defeat by ‘Big Bang’ Zhang.

Joyce admits he may have overlooked the 40-year-old in the capital in April as a stunned Copper Box crowd watched the man from Henan province dismantle the previously unbeaten Putney fighter in the first defence of his WBO interim crown. A repeat doesn’t bear thinking about.

Read the full story here!

 (Getty Images)
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Joyce vs Zhang 2 prediction

17:50 , Jonathan Gorrie

It’s going to be hugely difficult fight for Joyce, who must be credited for taking such a risk in his career. Still, his game plan surely cannot backfire as much as it did on the first fight. Needing to win, he does have the power and the engine to pull it off, given Zhang is prone to tire.

Joyce to win by TKO.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Undercard/fight card in full

17:49 , Jonathan Gorrie

The major name on the undercard is Anthony Yarde, who is making his comeback after his thrilling defeat against Artur Beterbiev in January.

Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang 2

Anthony Yarde vs Jorge Silva

Moses Itauma vs Amine Boucetta

Pierce O’Leary vs Kane Gardner

Zach Parker vs Khalid Graidia

Ezra Taylor vs Joel McIntyre

Royston Barney-Smith vs Engel Gomez

Tommy Fletcher vs Alberto Tapia

Aloys Youmbi vs Erik Nazaryan

Sean Noakes vs Lukasz Barabasz

Start time: Undercard from 5pm, main event from around 10.30pm

17:48 , Jonathan Gorrie

Joyce vs Zhang 2 is scheduled to take place tonight, September 23, 2023 at London’s OVO Wembley Arena.

The undercard is due to begin at 5pm BST and main event ring walks are expected at around 10.30pm.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

How to watch Joyce vs Zhang 2

17:47 , Jonathan Gorrie

TV channel: The entire fight card will be broadcast live on TNT Sports 2 in the UK.

Live stream: TNT Sports subscribers will be able to watch on a live stream via the TNT Sports app and website.

LIVE coverage: Follow all the action with Standard Sport’s dedicated fight blog.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)


17:45 , Jonathan Gorrie

Good eevening and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of Joe Joyce’s heavyweight rematch with Zhilei Zhang.

The undercard gets underway from 5pm BST, with the ring walks expected around 10.30pm BST.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)