Jordan Fisher says his dog, Sora, is like a son to him

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Jordan Fisher says his adopted dog, Sora, is part of his family. (Photo: PETA)

Broadway and TV actor Jordan Fisher is spreading the love.

Fisher, who is best known these days for starring in the Great White Way’s Hamilton and for winning the latest season of Dancing With the Stars, encourages people to treat their (adopted) pets like family in a new campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. He should know, because Fisher is super-close with his adopted dog, Sora. (Interestingly, Fisher himself is adopted.)

“Sora and I have a great relationship. I mean, he’s kind of a lot of things,” Fisher, 23, said in a new video for the project. “He’s my son. He’s my best friend. Everything in life can be pretty decent, but when we are together, everything is that much greater.”

One thing they like to do: chat, although the conversation is obviously one-sided.

“Sora hears me singing all the time. He hears me working all the time,” Fisher said. “I kind of talk through thought processes and things with him. He listens to me — bated breath, just big ol’ eyes.”

In fact, Sora is so important in Fisher’s life that he periodically shows up on Fisher’s Instagram account, right alongside someone else who’s very important to the actor, girlfriend Ellie Woods.

Fisher even cited Sora when he was asked in an August 2016 interview with Vibe about where he finds his inspiration each day. “My dog,” the former Liv and Maddie actor replied with a laugh. “I’ve gotten used to hauling him around all the time.”

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