Jon Stewart Says if Trump Supporters Want a Dictator, ‘You Do You – But Stop Framing It as Patriotism’ | Video

Jon Stewart has a problem with Donald Trump supporters, but maybe not the one you expect – during Monday night’s episode, “The Daily Show” tore into Republicans who claim to support Trump because “patriotism” and dedication to the Constitution, but openly want an authoritarian president.

“Look, if you want to love Trump, love him. Go to the rallies, buy the sneakers. You want him to have absolute power? You want him to be the leader über alles? You want him to have the right of kings? You do you. But stop framing it as patriotism,” Stewart said Monday night. “Because the one thing you cannot say is that Donald Trump is following the tradition of the founders. He’s advocating for complete and total presidential immunity — his words, not mine. That’s monarchy s–t.”

The “Daily Show” host then noted that it is Americans’ right to support whatever they want but asked Trump supporters to do him a favor “for historical accuracy.” “Next time you want to dress up at the rallies, wear the right f—king color coats because that’s what you are,” Stewart said, showing an image of British soldiers in redcoats during the Revolutionary War.

Stewart started his segment by defining exactly the kinds of Republicans who bother him, showing clip after clip of Fox News talking heads and media personalities discussing the importance of the Constitution above all else. Naturally, Alabama senator Katie Britt, who was responsible for the GOP’s “objectively terrible” rebuttal to the State of the Union, was at the center of these figures. Only after Stewart made this connection clear did he move into the next phase of his argument: detailing the myriad ways Trump has failed to uphold the supreme law of the United States.

Stewart listed everything from Trump claiming the New York Times leaker should be arrested (a violation of freedom of the press) to former Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper’s claims that Trump asked about shooting protestors (a violation of freedom of assembly). He also included Trump’s now-famous remark that he wants to be dictator for “one day.”

“Just so you know, that is how it starts,” Stewart said. “‘I’m not saying anybody has to do the arm salute! Let’s just start with a few people doing the arm salute, and we’ll see if the arm salute catches on.'”

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