Jokey 'Weather Reporters' End Up Saving Man Stuck in Flooding Car

A group of self-styled weather reporters became good Samaritans when they rescued an elderly man stranded in surging waters in Bonita Springs, Florida, as Hurricane Ian battered the state’s southwestern coastline on Wednesday, September 28.

In this video taken by @colliercountycowboys_, the exuberant group is seen heading toward Bonita Beach as the storm grows in intensity.

At one point, one of the men in the group can be heard saying, “We’re gonna die.”

At the end of the video, the men’s clowning tone changes as they find an elderly man struggling in his car.

Benny from @colliercountycowboys_ said the vehicle’s door was wedged shut prior to their intervention. The dramatic rescue can be seen here.

The National Weather Service reported that Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday near Cayo Costa as a Category 4 hurricane with maximum wind speeds of 150 mph. Credit: Benny from @colliercountycowboys_ via Storyful

Video Transcript

- We are here in the midst of the hurricane. We got about one mile from the beach. We're gonna keep going that way. We're gonna give you live footage of the hurricane. There's a lot of people-- there's no one out here. But people want answers, and we are for the people, OK?

We're gonna keep going this way. We're gonna make sure that the roads are clear and everyone is safe, tucked in the house. I recommend everyone stay in the house, please, for everyone's safety. We will keep going, patrolling the streets, making sure everyone is OK.

- Let's take our hats off.

- Everybody, as you can tell, there's already casualties on the road. We gotta stay safe out there. You gotta stay safe out there. I don't know when this happened. This might be an insurance claim, honestly. We don't really know.

- Good for him. Good for him, honestly.

- The guy took off. He's off. He's OK. There's no one in the car. But as we go towards the bridge, there's gonna be more of these. People are losing their cars. They're losing their houses. But we're gonna be with you guys. We're gonna use it all the way to the beach. OK.

- We're gonna die.

- Do not come to the beach. Not today. [INAUDIBLE]. Do not come to the beach.

- Sorry, Mom.

- This is news reporting here. Do not come to the beach. We're just seeing the beach gone right when it [INAUDIBLE] surfing off to Fort Myers. It is not a safe storm. We're standing right at that beach, practically. The surge is ridiculous. It is ridiculous. So we want to make sure everyone is safe, OK? We will go out there.

- We will save more people if we have to.

- Like a-- good one.

Listen, guys, don't go to the beach. It is terrible. It is absolutely terrible. [INAUDIBLE] waves [INAUDIBLE] those people right here. We're right here. Guys, we don't do this for us. We're doing it for you guys.

- Yeah.

- It is nasty there. It took us about an hour just to get here and back. We risked our lives. We're risking it even now. But it is for you guys, trust me. [INAUDIBLE] news, Fox News, none of them are gonna cover it. We're gonna cover it for you. This is [INAUDIBLE] people. Stay home.

- For you.

- Stay home.

- For you.