Johnson’s metaphors keep coming undone

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Am I the only Guardian reader getting more and more confused by the hegemonic use of the term “liberal”? The word pops up everywhere: social liberal, economic liberal, liberal left, neoliberal right, classical liberalism, liberal feminism, muscular liberalism, liberal multiculturalism, etc. Am I missing something?
Dr Paul Clements

• Boris Johnson claims that Britain is the “buckle that fastens, the hyphen that joins everything together” (UK and US gird for a titanic struggle – if they can avoid falling out first, 10 June). He ought to choose his metaphors more carefully: buckles have been largely superseded by Velcro, and hyphens are an endangered species in present-day English.
James Fanning
Greifswald, Germany

• You report that “the PM is supporting the England football team and wants them to succeed”, according to a spokesman (Boris Johnson refuses to condemn fans booing England taking the knee, 7 June). Has he already given up hope on Scotland and Wales?
Richard Walker
West Malvern, Worcestershire

• Oh no! Greatest summer songs (11 June)? How could you have missed Jerry Keller’s Here Comes Summer? Keller is 84 on 20 June – repair the omission without delay, please.
Paul Collins
Horton-cum-Studley, Oxfordshire

• Another typo! Did Michael Parkinson really dream of “inciting” Ingrid Bergman to live with him? (Teenage kicks, 10 June).
Jim Wilson
Banbury, Oxfordshire

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