Johnson County Incred-A-Bowl sat vacant 8 years. Here’s what’s coming to revamped space

For years, Overland Park’s castle-esque Incred-A-Bowl at 8500 W. 151st St. was a hub for laser tag, miniature golf and arcade games.

Then the facility, about 65,000 square feet, closed in 2015. As it sat vacant for years, residents began to complain, calling the space an “eyesore” and saying it had fallen into a state of disrepair.

But now plans are finally taking shape, and the building could soon see a complete makeover. One tenant is already renovating its space, and several more spaces are for lease. A restaurant could be on the way, too.

Beastified, a gym and supplement store, has taken over 8,500 square feet on the first floor. Construction is well underway.

Its owner, competitive body builder Sid Balakrishnan, owns another Beastified supplement store at 14363 Metcalf Ave.

Beastified sells pre-workout, protein and other muscle-building supplements for gym lovers looking to seriously bulk up.

Hailing from California, Balakrishnan said he hopes to bring a quality gym to the Kansas City area focused on strength training. He said it features top-of-the-line equipment that can’t be found anywhere else in the metro.

“I don’t know any other gym that has five to 200 pound dumbbells in their gym,” Balakrishnan said. “It’s basically what I would refer to as a hardcore gym.”

Balakrishnan said he had hoped to open months ago, but construction was delayed. He’s hesitant to announce an opening date, but he hopes his passion project will be ready soon.

“We’re excited for the day all our businesses are up and running,” Balakrishnan said.

His wife, Korey Balakrishnan, owns a yoga studio called The Sweat Vault at 14469 Metcalf Ave., near the original Bestified location.

Balakrishnan said the building’s owner, Dr. Paramjeet Sabharwal — a surgeon at MISH Hospital and Clinics in Lenexa — has tossed around several ideas for the look of the space. He said the exterior could soon look like white marble, unlike its current gray brick.

“A very elegant, luxury, kind of look,” Balakrishnan said, adding that it would work well with the sleek design of his new gym.

Plus, Balakrishnan said, a bar and restaurant is in the works for the opposite side of the building. He said he has a “very small” role in that concept and couldn’t speak to its plans.

Sabharwal could not be reached for comment. When asked about the building’s new look and restaurant and bar, Realtor Reagan O’Toole of Colliers said, “Still TBD. A lot of things still need to be approved by the city.”

Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Jackson and his wife, Mary, opened Incred-A-Bowl in 1997 amid controversy over the arcade’s late-night hours. At the time, The Star reported that neighbors feared the entertainment center would attract an unruly crowd.

Despite the concerns, Incred-A-Bowl opened and hosted birthday parties and family outings for more than a decade. The business filed for bankruptcy the summer before it closed.