Johnson County antique mall forced to close as owner owes $62K in taxes, state says

Jenna Thompson/

Overland Park’s Metcalf Antique Mall is closed after its owner failed to pay more than $62,000 in sales tax, the Kansas Department of Revenue says.

The agency executed eight tax warrants Wednesday morning and seized bank accounts, on-site cash, business inventory and personal property belonging to Andrew Rowland, according to a press release.

Property belonging to Rowland will be sold at a public auction, but no details were provided. Rowland could not be immediately reached Friday afternoon for comment.

On Friday, a red “seized” sign on the window greeted vendor Harvey Gariety, who looked inside. His photography booth is in the mall at 9148 Metcalf Ave.

“There are a lot of booths in there — well over a hundred,” he said.

Vendors will have the opportunity to retrieve their belongings, the state agency says.

The antique mall had sold vintage toys, furniture and artwork.

In its statement the agency said its “policy and practice is to work with taxpayers in delinquent status to voluntarily enter into repayment agreements.

“It is only after these efforts and multiple failed collection attempts that the Department is forced to execute a tax warrant, utilizing such actions as bank levies, till taps, and ultimately asset seizure to ensure compliance with the law.”

The Metcalf Antique Mall opened in September 2022. The space housed Mission Hope Thrift before that.