John Legend finds unexpected bonus in streaming live concerts

John Legend streamed over to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. While sitting in his home, Legend talked about the recent live streaming concert he and his wife, Chrissy Teigen, took part in.

The performance was part of the “Together at Home” concert series, created by the World Health Organization and Global Citizen to encourage social distancing and raise funds towards COVID-19 relief.

When asked what it is like to perform concerts into a phone instead of to a crowded audience, Legend found the positives. “It’s a little eerie,” said Legend, “But I will say because Instagram Live has the comments popping up every time someone makes one, has little hearts going - you actually get more detailed feedback from Instagram Live than you would get from an audience.”

Legend also likes that his music is emotionally bringing people together in a time of physical separation. “There’s a lot of dark sides to this moment but the fact that these can be some of the silver linings that we have, I think, make it feel like we’re experiencing it together even though we’re distancing from each other,” said Legend, “And we’re helping each other get through it.”

Even though the performance wasn’t live, Legend did treat the audience to a serenading of his new song “Actions!”.