John Fetterman Trolls Mehmet Oz With Comparison To Incompetent 'Simpsons' Doctor

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman thinks his TV doctor-turned-Republican opponent Mehmet Oz has a lot in common with Nick Riviera, the incompetent doc from “The Simpsons.”

The Democrat released a video on Monday comparing the two, seemingly in response to a new Washington Post article about the many times Oz gave questionable medical advice during the 12 years his show was on the air.

“Before there was Dr. Oz, there was Dr. Nick,” Fetterman’s tweet reads. “They say the Simpsons always predict the future – and once again, they nailed it.”

The video then compares the two TV doctors. The similarities are pretty incredible ― especially their willingness to promote dubious weight loss techniques.

The Oz campaign hasn’t responded to the Dr. Nick video, but spokeswoman Brittany Yanick told the Post that he “welcomed open, honest conversations and opinions from all kinds of folks.”

Yanick added that “it’s idiotic and preposterous to imply that he shared the same beliefs and opinions as every guest on his show, or that having someone on his show constitutes a blanket endorsement of their beliefs.”

This is the second time the Fetterman campaign has criticized Oz over his TV past. Earlier this month, Fetterman tweeted, “Too bad there’s no miracle cure for being a total fraud,” with a video showcasing the many times Oz promoted a product that wasn’t proven to work.

A Twitter user had a perfect reaction to Fetterman trolling Dr. Oz by comparing him to Dr. Nick.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.