Joey Gase Gives Bump and Run a New Meaning by Throwing Bumper at Dawson Cram During Xfinity Race

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Joey Gase Throws Bumper After Xfinity CrashFOX Sports/NASCAR

While a lap down, Joey Gase and Dawson Cram were battling for the lucky dog pass when Cram ran Gase out of room, wrecking the Xfinity veteran.

In the final third of the NASCAR Xfinity Race at Richmond Raceway on Saturday, Gase showed his displeasement in his former driver by throwing a bumper at him after the two collided.

While we're used to gloves, punches, and helmets being thrown... a bumper is a new one.


Gase was clearly not happy after being crashed and waited for Cram to return to the scene of the crime on the yellow flag lap to throw his bumper at the driver.

At 22 years old, Cram is in his first year-contract with Johnny Davis and JD Motorsports. He has raced for Gase in the past, and that seems to have led to Gase's anger at the situation.

When asked what led to the crash, Gase said, "I think him just not having his head screwed on right."

"I gave the kid his first opportunity ever, in Xfinity, " Gase said after being released from the infield care center, "I know Johnny Davis is in the business of wrecking race cars, and we definitely are not. We are a small team. we were racing hard for the 'Lucky Dog' and he just didn't know how to lift. Maybe his throttle stuck."

NASCAR has yet to release any penalties or fines based on Gase's on-track behavior.

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