Joe Thomas didn't appreciate Troy Aikman's comments about Dwight Freeney

Troy Aikman has become a star in the broadcast booth on Fox after making the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and maybe Joe Thomas is on that same path.

Thomas, the Cleveland Browns offensive tackle, took exception to something Aikman said while calling the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings game on Thursday. Aikman wondered why Freeney, who was just claimed by the Lions after he was cut by the Seahawks, wasn’t playing for the Lions in an important game. Thomas thought Aikman, a quarterback for the Cowboys for many years, should have known better. He pointed out that Freeney had just played on Monday night.

Aikman, to his credit, explained himself. Freeney, another potential Hall of Famer who is still playing at 37 years old, hadn’t played much on Monday and could have played a limited role on Thursday, Aikman thought.

Thomas is out for the season after suffering a triceps injury, which ended a remarkable consecutive snaps streak. While most linemen are unknown, Thomas might be the most famous tackle in the NFL. That’s because he is by far the biggest name on the Browns, he’s a lock for the Hall of Fame someday, and he is a great follow on social media. He is opinionated and funny, and has become more than just an anonymous offensive lineman.

Perhaps someday, if he wishes, Thomas will end up on our television screens as an analyst. He’d probably be pretty good at it.

Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas called out Troy Aikman for comments during Thursday’s Lions-Vikings broadcast. (AP)

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