Joe Swash confesses to losing 'Dancing On Ice' trophy following victory

Joe Swash stormed to victory on Sunday night's Dancing On Ice final in a close finish between him and Perri Kiely - but he's already managed to lose his trophy.

While celebrating his triumph with skating partner Alex Murphy and the rest of the show's stars at an afterparty, the presenter didn't keep an eye on his prize.

Appearing on This Morning on Monday the 38-year-old spoke with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, who had already told viewers the gong had gone missing.

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Joe Swash won 'Dancing On Ice' alongside professional skating partner Alex Murphy. (ITV)

"No we didn't find it," Swash shared. "We have been told someone has found it under a table."

He went on: "I didn't think it was ours. I thought they give it to us and we go like 'oh, thank you', then you put it away in a box for next year."

"I think you have it for a bit then it comes back," Willoughby explained before he continued: "I think they won't let us have it for a bit after last night."

Joe Swash appeared on This Morning the day after his Dancing On Ice victory. (ITV)

Swash and Murphy received perfect scores of 40 for their final three skates, which included a recreation of the famous Bolero and a Charlie Chaplin inspired routine.

In the week leading up to Sunday's final, Swash had his ear drained for the second time after being hit with an ice skate.

Fluid had built up around the affected area leaving his ear swollen. Subsequently, the father-of-two was left sporting a large bandage around his head although it was removed by the time of the finale.

Joe Swash explained that someone had apparently found the trophy. (ITV)

He beat out Kiely who had been tipped to win the programme after consistently landing at the top end of the leader board.

The Diversity dancer performed a show first in the final when he managed to incorporate a backflip into one of his routines.