Joe Montana has a joke about the 49ers-Chiefs 'Joe Montana Bowl'

Joe Montana is one of the few all-time great quarterbacks who is fondly remembered by two fan bases.

Montana is best known as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, of course. But he also had a good run with the Kansas City Chiefs to end his career. He’s one of the more popular NFL players ever, and it makes sense why Kansas City would remember him fondly as well.

The unusual connection to both franchises adds a unique twist to Super Bowl LIV. The 49ers and Chiefs will both be vying for a Super Bowl title in South Florida.

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For Montana, it’s a can’t-lose situation.

Joe Montana has special interest in Super Bowl LIV

From his verified Twitter account, Montana made sure to not play any favorites:

Well played, Joe Cool.

Montana saw this Super Bowl matchup coming back when he made his picks on Jan. 2. Or, he got lucky being a homer for the two teams he played for.

Montana has affection for both teams

While Montana (or whoever runs his social media accounts) played it down the middle when talking about the game, which some have already dubbed “The Joe Montana Bowl,” it wouldn’t seem his allegiance would be equal.

Montana won four Super Bowls with the 49ers and has a statue outside of Levi’s Stadium. San Francisco fans might take exception to Montana not picking sides. Nobody remembers Montana first as a Chief, then as a 49er. He’s practically synonymous with the 49ers franchise.

But Montana had two good seasons for the Chiefs and it’s understandable why he has love for that franchise too. Montana made a Pro Bowl in 1993 and took Kansas City to the AFC championship game. The Chiefs made the playoffs in 1994 as well. That season, Montana led Kansas City to a win in one of the greatest regular season games ever, a last-second victory at Mile High Stadium over John Elway and the Denver Broncos on “Monday Night Football.”

So Montana, who said on Twitter that he’ll be in Miami during Super Bowl week, might not pick a winner. That way he can celebrate the champion either way.

Joe Montana's two former NFL teams will square off in Super Bowl LIV. (Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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