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Joe Manganiello

The actor reminded the world of his D&D obsession when he shared photos of himself playing his favorite game at a convention held to honor game enthusiasts. And he didn’t attend in the way some celebs go to Comic-Con, like to speak on a panel or something. No, Manganiello just wanted to sit and play in the home where Gary Gygax created the game. Manganiello noted that it had been on his bucket list to do so, which is not surprising if you consider that the actor has actuall co-written a script for a film version of the game, because he adores it so much. (Photo: Instagram/joemanganiello)

Joe Manganiello, Olivia Munn, and other celebs who let their geek flag fly

Raechal Shewfelt
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

Joe Manganiello, best known for True Blood and Magic Mike and being married to Sofia Vergara, has no qualms about sharing photos from his latest Dungeons & Dragons adventures. This week he took to Instagram to let the world know that he had completed a personal bucket list item by playing a round of D&D in the home of the game’s late creator, Gary Gygax.

And the actor is far from alone. Here are some other celebs who aren’t afraid to embrace their inner nerd.