Joe Lycett apologises after Joe Pasquale’s picture is used on his tour posters

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Joe Lycett has apologised to Joe Pasquale after featuring him in a poster for his own forthcoming tour.

The comedian is embarking on an arena tour in September for his new show More, More, More! How Do You Lycett? How Do You Lycett?.

However, one poster for the show which has been seen on London’s tubes features pictures of Pasquale rather than Lycett himself.

Lycett acknowledged the prank on social media on Thursday (18 August), tweeting: “I would like to apologise to Mr Pasquale for this error. The members of my team responsible have been reprimanded.”

It’s not the first time Lycett has pulled a gag like this in his promotional material.

In December 2021, pictures circulated on social media of posters for Lycett’s latest show that featured fellow comedian James Acaster.

“I would like to publicly apologise to Mr Acaster and his team for this,” he tweeted.

Lycett’s misleading tour poster (Joe Lycett/Twitter)
Lycett’s misleading tour poster (Joe Lycett/Twitter)

“The posters were an experiment to see if my face was a deterrent to the British public and if his face would sell more tickets for my show. It is with great disappointment that I have discovered sales have shot up.”

More, More, More! How Do You Lycett? How Do You Lycett? will see Lycett embark in “a very special, very gay stunt which involved infuriating MPs, headlines around the world, and getting in trouble with the police”.

In a teaser video for the show, Lycett said that he had spent four years working on the trick, which features heavily in the live show.