Joe Lycett Has Another Sarcastic Message For Liz Truss Amid Economic Chaos

Liz Truss and Joe Lycett (Photo: BBC)
Liz Truss and Joe Lycett (Photo: BBC)

Liz Truss and Joe Lycett (Photo: BBC)

Joe Lycett had something to say to Liz Truss after the pound plunged to an all-time low against the US dollar.

The comedian, who has previously targeted the prime minister and the Conservative party in his comedy, weighed in on the reaction of the markets to the government’s mini-budget last week.

In light of the news, Joe continued to sarcastically support Truss in a similar vein to his infamous appearance on Laura Kuenssberg’s politics show earlier this month.

Amid reports of unrest in the Tory party over the economic fallout from the mini budget, Joe tweeted with his tongue firmly in his cheek: ”.@trussliz hold ur nerve babe u got this xoxo.”

Sterling has hit its lowest level against the dollar since decimalisation in 1971, falling by more than 4% to just 1.03 dollars in early Asia trading before it regained some ground to about 1.07 dollars early on Monday.

The prime minister’s spokesperson said neither Truss or chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng were expected to issue any comment over the pound’s crash.

“I think that the chancellor has made clear that he doesn’t comment on the movements around the market and that goes the same for the prime minister,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier this month, Joe made headlines after pretending to be “incredibly right wing” when he took part in a panel discussion reacting to interviews with Tory leadership candidates Truss and Rishi Sunak on Kuenssberg’s new BBC show.

Joe later said he’d been told Truss was unhappy with the stunt, telling Times Radio: “Apparently she got up quicker than she’d been told to. My BBC source said that she had – and this is a direct quote – a face like a slapped arse.

“But I’d be very sad if I’d made Liz Truss sad in any way because she is my favourite politician and I’m thrilled that she is going to be the prime minister.”

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