Joe Jonas reveals he uses injectables: ‘We can be open and honest about it’

Joe Jonas has revealed that he’s gotten injectables in his face while explaining why he’s so “open” to talking about the cosmetic procedure.

In an interview with People published on Tuesday, the 33-year-old singer spoke candidly about his anti-ageing routine while opening up about his partnership with Xeomin, a cosmetic injectable that reduces frown lines formed during facial expressions. During the conversation, Jonas described his own experience with the injectable and why he wants to be “open” about the injections.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily something that we have to shy away from,” he said. “We can be open and honest about it and be confident and not really shy away from speaking our truth.”

Jonas went on to share his perspective on health, adding: “I personally care a lot about what I put in my body, and with an aesthetic treatment like this, I wanted to be mindful of what was in it.”

He also said that, after speaking with Xeomin and his own healthcare provider, he decided to get the injections in his frown lines and the scar between his eyebrows.

Regarding how he felt after the procedure, the “Happiness Begins” singer said he liked that there wasn’t “too much” of a change to his face.

“I liked that it relieved the area a little bit and I was like: ‘Okay, this is great,’ without it being too much for my liking,” he said. “I appreciated that it wasn’t over the top. It’s very light.”

The former Disney Channel star also acknowledged how “great” it is to see more men speaking out about their skincare routines and how the stigma surrounding what men should wear is “fading”.

“There were all these talks at one point, like: ‘Oh, men can’t do this or it’s weird for guys to do that,’ and I think there’s a stigma that’s fading, and I like that,” he said. “Guys are more openly wearing makeup, and it’s great to see. It’s like, do whatever you want, you know? It’s a beautiful generation that we’re living in.”

Elsewhere in the People interview, Jonas shared his candid thoughts about ageing and self-care, as he said that he’s listening to his body when it tells him that he needs to slow down.

“I’m at the point where I’m picking and choosing when I feel like I don’t want to run myself down,” he said. “Even my voice - I can’t sing as many songs and do as many shows back to back.”

“When I was younger, I had no problem,” he added. “Sleepless nights, going to another city, performing on this day, then going out and celebrating that concert — you just go, go, go, go, and then you hit a wall of exhaustion.”