Joanna Page recalls shooting her 'favourite' scene with real-life stripper

Natalie Cassidy and Joanna Page co-host the BBC podcast series credit:Bang Showbiz
Natalie Cassidy and Joanna Page co-host the BBC podcast series credit:Bang Showbiz

Joanna Page's "favourite" 'Gavin and Stacey' scene featured a real-life stripper.

The 47-year-old actress - who plays Stacey Shipman in the award-winning TV show - has revealed that she relished shooting scenes with a real stripper called Top Boy for her character's hen party.

During an appearance on the 'Off the Telly' podcast, Joanna received a message from a fan that said: "Hello ladies, Kerry from Bristol here, I've just listened to your bonus comfort telly episode and I lost my mind, because my dad was the stripper in the episode of 'Gavin and Stacey' that Joanna was talking about.

"It's been a joke for my whole life, telling people that's a true story, and then people not believing it until they watch it and meet my dad.

"I called him immediately and told him that you were talking about him."

Joanna was initially shocked by the message, admitting that she still had lots of unanswered questions about the story.

The actress - who co-hosts 'Off the Telly' with soap star Natalie Cassidy - said: "I've just got so many questions and images, so that must be about 20 years ago, does he still strip? What does he do now?"

Joanna still has fond memories of shooting with Top Boy, describing it as one of her "favourite" days on set.

She shared: "That was one of our favourite ever days of filming, because they got a real-life stripper in for Stacey's hen party.

"We were all dressed up as schoolgirls for starters so there was mild hysteria for starters, and then they got this stripped in and his name was Toy Boy, and he had this black leather thong on with in little crystals, the letters TB for Toy Boy, and I just remember the director saying, 'Let's do a walk-through of what you think'.

"So I always remember he put on Tom Jones' 'Sex Bomb', he jumped on the air and started humping on my lap, I was in utter hysteria at this point!

"And then he stood in front of me and he whipped his trousers off, and I just remember, there was this black thong so close to my face, and then in one move he went [whoosh] and the whole shebang came off."