Jimmy Kimmel Tries Hilariously Hard To Pretend That Keanu Reeves Isn't Famous

For a night on national television Tuesday, Keanu Reeves was just another boy in the band. (Watch the video below.)

Reeves took the stage with his longtime group Dogstar on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and inconspicuously played his bass. His long hair obscured his face in the strobe lights and the camera mostly paid him no mind.

He got in a few brief solos (fast-forward to the 2:00 mark) but the band ― and the talk show ― seemed intent on highlighting the rock trio as a unit.

Kimmel did mention the name of the “John Wick” star earlier in the show, when he told the audience that the band would be playing “Breach” from their new album “Somewhere Between the Power Lines And Palm Trees,” but merely as one of the gang.

The actor reunited with Dogstar lead singer/guitarist Bret Domrose and drummer Robert Mailhouse for their first public concert in more than 20 years back in May.

“Power Lines,” which came out in October, marks the band’s first record since 2000, Variety reported.

And the group’s appearance Tuesday was its first on television in 23 years, according to one outlet.

Dogstar’s next several dates on their current tour are sold out but you can get a glimpse of what you’ll be missing in their Kimmel gig: