Jimmy Kimmel Highlights 'Rare Moment Of Truth' In Newsmax's Biden Coverage

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Newsmax’s “veil of anti-Biden BS lifted just ever so slightly” to reveal a “rare moment of truth” on Monday that Jimmy Kimmel just had to highlight.

During the right-wing network’s morning news coverage, co-host Alison Maloni threw shade at President Joe Biden for spending money on traditional White House Christmas festivities while some Americans are struggling to make ends meet with inflation on the rise.

“It is the season of giving, and the White House wants taxpayers to give $139,000 to cover the cost of President Biden’s first National Christmas Tree Lighting,” Maloni said.

Surprisingly, anchor Bob Sellers questioned if this was really a big deal.

“It is the White House, I mean, you do want them to have it. I mean, is this out of the ordinary?” he asked.

“No, it’s not,” said co-host Shaun Kraisman, noting that the celebration has cost $160,000 in the past. That was the price tag in 2019, when Donald Trump was president.

“So, we’re trying to create something out of nothing?” Sellers asked.

Kraisman confirmed that was the case.

“A moment of Christmas clarity,” Kimmel laughed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “It’s like watching a dog walk into a mirror.”

Watch below.

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