Jimmy Kimmel Dances on Herschel Walker’s Political Grave


Jimmy Kimmel taped his late-night show on Tuesday before the Georgia Senate runoff had been called for Raphael Warnock, but he could see the writing on the wall.

The host began his monologue by telling viewers that Herschel Walker “spent the day making one final push, which is unusual for him,” adding, “Usually for him, during the final push, he’s miles away from the hospital at a Waffle House telling a waitress she could be the one.”

In response to Donald Trump’s final plea with Georgians to vote for Walker because he will “never let you down,” Kimmel joked, “unless you’re one of his kids, then he will very likely let you down.”

“Even though he’s a beloved local football hero, Herschel Walker has not exactly inspired passion among Republican voters,” Kimmel added later, listing off the “supposed” conservative values and explaining how Walker flies in the face of every single one.

“Family values? He’s a serial domestic abuser with more kids than a Dave & Busters on a Saturday at noon,” he said. “Pro-life? He was Planned Parenthood’s customer of the year! Pro-law enforcement? He lied about being a cop, an FBI agent, he exaggerated his non-existent military service.” And on and on.

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Ultimately, Kimmel admitted that as a late-night talk show host, “the idea that Herschel Walker won’t be on camera every day is sad to me, so whatever happens tonight, I just want to say it’s been a wild ride.” With that, he shared “one long look back at one of the most entertaining Senate campaigns in the history of this country.”

After the montage of Walker’s dumbest moments concluded, Kimmel joked that the “saddest part is he’ll probably remember none of this, but thank you Herschel.”

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