Jimmel Kimmel Takes Brutal Dig At Herschel Walker's Sore Spot

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday mocked Republican Herschel Walker ahead of his defeat by Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) in Georgia’s U.S. Senate runoff.

“Walker spent the day making one final push, which is unusual for him,” the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host said. “Usually, during the final push, he’s miles away from the hospital at a Waffle House telling a waitress she could be the one.”

He also joked that Walker, who campaigned as a staunchly anti-abortion candidate and presented himself as a family man, was “Planned Parenthood’s customer of the year.”

The former NFL star’s Senate bid was marked by repeated scandals, including allegations he pressured two ex-partners into abortions after getting them pregnant. Earlier in the campaign, it was revealed that he had fathered three children he hadn’t previously mentioned, all with women he was not married to. The son Walker and his ex-wife shared, conservative influencer Christian Walker, has accused his father of being violent and abandoning them “to bang a bunch of women.”

Watch below on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”