Jimbo Fisher explains why his Christmas tree was thrown to the curb (Video)

If the world didn’t know Jimbo Fisher was leaving Florida State for Texas A&M already, a discarded Christmas tree out front of Fisher’s Tallahassee home seemed to be the final clue.

Wayne McGahee of the Tallahassee Democrat snapped the below photo of a Christmas tree on the curb outside Fisher’s home, tossed aside to be collected as garbage.

The tree was indeed being thrown away, but on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, Fisher provided some more context to the story.

“I had no idea. The guys that come put my Christmas tree up that got it out said, ‘Coach, it’s broke.’ So I put a new one up,” Fisher explained. “And they said they would get rid of the other one so they set it on the curb for it to be picked up.

“There was a new Christmas tree in my house.”

Fisher said he was at work when the whole thing went down and the people he hires to put up the lights around his house were in charge of the tree as well. Fisher said the tree (a fake one, we’re guessing) was “over 10 years old.”

That reality of what actually happened with the tree doesn’t take away from the fun the internet had with that photo, which circulated Twitter at a rapid pace.

Fisher went into further detail about why he left Florida State for A&M during the interview, which you can watch below:

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