How Jets QB Aaron Rodgers became a huge fan of Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott

After suffering a torn Achilles in the season opener, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has found himself watching more football than he ever has in his career.

And the four-time NFL MVP, who won the Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers in 2010 under current Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy, has become a big fan quarterback Dak Prescott, who has 23 touchdowns to 6 interceptions leading Cowboys to an 8-3 mark.

He has career high in completion percentage (70.0) and quarterback rating (107.0) and is league’s highest graded quarterback by Pro Football Focus

And while the-retired Tom Brady has caught attention for saying the NFL is playing a mediocre brand of football of late, Rodgers let it be none that the seven-time Super Bowl champion was not talking about Prescott.

“He’s become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch,” Rodgers said of Prescott during his weekly appearance on the Pat McAfee show. “I’ve watched more football this year than any other year because in normal years you’re getting ready for games. I watch a lot more games than usual. And Tom had some comments about some of the mediocrity. And I just want to say Dak is not who he’s talking about.”

Prescott’s numbers have really taken off the last six games with 18 touchdowns and 2 interceptions while leading the Cowboys to five wins to put himself in the thick of the NFL MVP race.

But it’s more than Prescott’s numbers that has impressed Rodgers, who is a future Hall of Famer at the position and has a keen understanding of McCarthy’s offense.

From the “here we go” cadence to the checks at the line, Prescott is in total control, according to Rodgers.

“I just love that he’s really playing the position,” Rodgers said. “What I mean by that is, I’m watching him make Ringo calls. So that’s protection adjustments against these crazy looks and picking things up. I’m watching him bring the tight end back in against zero pressure and throw an old concept we used to run for a touchdown to CeeDee Lamb in the back of the ends zone. I’m watching him use his cadence beautifully and get into this rhythmic “here we go”, using as a dummy sometimes doing it twice into like, other cadences.”

“The last four or five weeks I’ve gotten to see more of their games. And I just want to say like he’s playing a position in a really impressive way.”

Rodgers also understands the scrutiny Prescott is under as quarterback of the Cowboys and is aware of some of the unfair criticisms he received in 2022 after leading the NFL in interceptions.

It’s why he made a point to give Prescott his flowers for the way he is playing.

“I love the way he’s playing, like really playing,” Rodgers said. “I’m not talking about just like making good throws. It seems more rare where the guys are actually really playing the position where you’re making adjustments. You’re handling everything at the line scrimmage now you’re doing this crazy cadence stuff. I love it.

And I just want to shout out Dak for really impressing me.”