JetBlue wants to fly you on the volunteer experience of your dreams -- Here's how to enter

Emily Rella,

In the unfortunate yet current state of affairs, 2017 seems to be a year that presents a new and separate tragedy every month, be it an act of widespread violence, a natural disaster or political upheaval and hateful altercations between non-agreeing parties.

On top of that, it’s been a year full of constant horror stories for one industry in particular — the airline industry.

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Though damage done can’t be reversed, many airlines are trying to offer new incentives and statements to fix damaged relationships and public perceptions.

And through this all, one airline stands out in particular as bypassing any major negative story and in fact, putting out more positive press than any airline prior: JetBlue.

The company’s newest initiative #CheckInForGood serves as further proof of that.

This month is JetBlue’s ‘JetBlue For Good Month’ and the airline is offering complimentary trips to customers who wish to volunteer with selected non-profits that are partners with the airline.

Volunteer trips include a trip to Houston to help Houston public libraries, a trip to Jamaica to help The Sandals Foundation with local community efforts in the Caribbean and a trip to the Bahamas to help the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation with ocean and environmental conservation


Here’s how it works: JetBlue will set up mock check-in kiosks around New York City and Los Angeles that customers can come up to to fill out questionnaires that ask questions about what "good” they want to “declare."

Customers not living in either city can also enter online here.

Entrants will be matched to a trip based on which of JetBlue For Good’s three key pillars – youth and education, community and the environment – they are most aligned with.

Entrants will then be put on “standby” for an opportunity to win a spot on one of the three trips.

The competition closes this Thursday, November 9th.

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