'Jesus Christ Superstar Live' had everyone on Twitter begging for more

NBC ended Easter Sunday with Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert, where John Legend played the role of Jesus Christ, and he was definitely a superstar!

Twitter lit up with people loving the show, especially John Legend's performance, with one person tweeting, "John Legend takin' us all to church."

John wasn't the only one taking people to church. "Hamilton" alum Brandon Victor Dixon absolutely killed it as Judas. As a matter of fact, everyone in the show put forth an Emmy-worthy performance. Like Sara Bareilles, who played Mary Magdalene, and Alice Cooper, who made a brief appearance as Herod.

Overall, people absolutely loved the musical, even some famous people like Sarah Paulson, who became a new fan, tweeting, "I didn’t know I even liked this musical, turns out I"M IN LOVE WITH IT."

The final image of John on the cross and fading away through a cross-shaped opening had the audience in the theater sitting in stunned silence. And everyone who watched it begging for more, with one person tweeting, "So I want to see this every Easter. Anybody else?"