Jessica Simpson Says Her Kids "Love" Watching 'Newlyweds'

"They just want to make fun of me, I think."

As much as Jessica Simpson probably wishes she could officially put Newlyweds — the early 2000s reality show that documented her first few years of marriage to ex-husband Nick Lachey — behind her, her kids aren't letting her live it down. 

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the singer-slash-actress revealed that her three children — Maxwell, 11, Ace, 10, and 4-year-old Birdie whom she shares with her current husband Eric Johnson — have recently started to watch Newlyweds, and love to tease their mom for it. "My kids love looking up the YouTube clips of Newlyweds or of anything that I've done. [They'll search,] 'Jessica Simpson embarrassing moments.' I'm like, 'Really guys?'" she explained. "They love to do that."

<p>Jessica Simpson Instagram</p>

Jessica Simpson Instagram

Simpson continued, "We've gone on a YouTube Newlyweds binger and they really just love to see my parents super young and married and they love to see Ashlee," adding: "They definitely laugh at me. They just want to make fun of me, I think."

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Lately, Newlyweds has undergone a resurgence in popularity with kids on TikTok, who are calling out Lachey's misogynistic behavior. Back when the show aired, Simpson was portrayed as a ditzy blonde housewife while Lachey was praised for being a model husband, but now the tables have turned. When this is brought to her attention during an interview with Bustle back in July, Simpson, according to the outlet, offered a "better-late-than-never shrug." She added, "It’s amazing what publicity can do.” 

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