Jessica Simpson doesn't regret 'Newlyweds': 'I would go back and do it all over again'

Jessica Simpson has no regrets about doing Newlyweds with ex-husband Nick Lachey.

The New York Times bestselling author stopped by On Air With Ryan Seacrest Monday and talked about Open Book. In the memoir, Simpson writes about her former marriage to the 98 Degrees singer, whom she wed in 2002. The fashion designer said she'd do the reality show all over again with Lachey.

Jessica Simpson would still do Newlyweds with Nick Lachey. (Photo: FilmMagic)

"I do believe that doing Newlyweds is what made people — it’s what launched my brand," Simpson explained. "Absolutely, I would go back and do it all over again."

She quipped, "I just maybe wouldn’t have done the third season."

Lachey and Simpson starred on the reality series from 2003 to 2005. Season 3 wrapped months before they separated and their divorce was finalized in 2006, though Simpson has said she doesn't blame Newlyweds for the demise of their relationship. While Simpson doesn't regret the MTV show, she wasn't eager to live that same life with second husband Eric Johnson.

"The moment I met Eric I was like, these people can not come back to me because I’ve let these doors open way too many times and it’s been so destructive and once I met Eric, I truly changed everything," she noted.

The former NFL player and Simpson began dating in 2010 and tied the knot four years later. They are parents to three kids: Maxwell Drew, 7, Ace Knute, 6, and Birdie Mae, 11 months.

Simpson also talked to Ryan Seacrest about her decision to get sober two years ago, explaining that Johnson and her friends knew she was dependent on alcohol.

"I'm a very open and honest person," she shared. "I’d be like, 'I know I’m drinking too much' — it was never anything I was hiding, at all."

"So they would know that first thing in the morning sometimes you'd be having a drink at 7?" Seacrest asked.

"I would just pour it in my glitter cup," Simpson affirmed.

"And your husband — what did he say at that point?" Seacrest asked.

"He didn’t really say much. Nobody really said much other than 'Are you sure you need that right now?'" she replied. "I’d be like, 'I’m so nervous to even go to a school assembly.'"

Simpson said she went through "hundreds of diaries and hundreds of journals" when writing her memoir.

"When I got sober in 2017 I had started to look back through my journals to write new music to release and I was wanting to go back through experiences … and realized how much stuff I hadn’t really dealt with," she shared. "I was also looking at the girl that I was and the perspective I had and I really missed that person so within that was when I started to spiral with the drinking and trying to numb things and then I just realized it was stuff that I actually needed to talk about and face, and when I made the decision to stop drinking I immediately went into therapy and it was all of my journals that we would go through so really, the book started writing itself."

She added, "It was a very healing process for me to rediscover the person that I was, and who I was allowing myself to become and how destructive I was actually being in my life."

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