Jessica Carter Altman Pays Tribute to Dad Robert A. Altman in 'Cherry Blossoms' Music Video

When Jessica Carter Altman lost her father, the lawyer Robert A. Altman, last year, the attorney-turned-musician channeled her pain into song.

Now, she's ready to share the personal fruits of her labor with the world via her new single "Cherry Blossoms," for which PEOPLE is exclusively premiering the music video.

"'Cherry Blossoms' is about being lost in and transported by your memories. I think we all have moments when something in our present reminds us of another time and place," Carter Altman, 31, says. "For some it's a fragrance, a home-cooked meal, a holiday, or a gentle embrace. For me, cherry blossoms blooming in the spring always remind me of my dad."

The ballad is set to appear on Carter Altman's new EP For You, a three-track acoustic project out later this summer inspired by and dedicated to Altman, who was married to the singer's mom, Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter, for 37 years.

Jessica Carter Altman Debuts 'Cherry Blossom' Music Video
Jessica Carter Altman Debuts 'Cherry Blossom' Music Video

Matt Beard Jessica Carter Altman

In the black-and-white clip, she stands in front of the camera as cherry blossoms fall around her.

The singer-songwriter, who went to law school at Michigan, says "Cherry Blossoms" was one of the first songs she wrote after her dad died in February 2021 at age 73 of myelofibrosis, a rare blood cancer.

"I was having a very difficult time and leaned on songwriting to help digest some of what I was feeling," she says. "I often found myself clinging to happy memories and moments I shared with my dad. This song was born from that."

She says that being a father "came naturally" to Altman, who also has a son, James, with Carter, 70.

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"One of his most endearing qualities was how he looked out for and cared for others," says Carter Altman. "He is often quoted as saying, 'family and friends are all that matter.' He wanted me, and everyone he loved, to have a happy and fulfilling life. He encouraged me to dream and supported me in every possible way. I miss him every day."

She adds: "It is difficult to capture what my dad means to me in only a few words. He exemplified the best of life and shared it with everyone fortunate enough to know him. He had seemingly endless wisdom, a zest for life, and the ability to connect with people instantly. But, most importantly, he was the most amazing father"

Jessica Carter Altman Debuts 'Cherry Blossom' Music Video
Jessica Carter Altman Debuts 'Cherry Blossom' Music Video

Matt Beard Jessica Carter Altman

While she admits there are "obvious" notes of sadness in "Cherry Blossoms," the star says it's also a song about hope, and the knowledge that those who've lost loved ones "can always keep and carry" them with them.

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Altman, a D.C. lawyer and the founder of the video game company ZeniMax, and Carter were married in 1984. The actress told PEOPLE in October that she's still learning what life looks like in the wake of his death.

"The next part of my life is I want to learn who I am. It's totally frightening. I don't know who I am without Robert," she said. "It still gets me. I just can't believe I've lost him."