Jesse Eisenberg Scolds Anti-Gay Protesters In London

A video of Jesse Eisenberg getting into an argument with anti-gay protesters in London has emerged, as the actor dismissed their remarks after being presented with some of their paraphernalia. 

The Oscar-nominated actor is currently in the English capital as he performs in the play ‘The Spoils’, which he also wrote, and just so happens to be his West End debut.

During his down time from performing in the show, Eisenberg looked to take in the sights and sounds of the Big Smoke, picking up a Boris bike to travel around the city.

At the same time a group of around a dozen protestors had gathered together to demonstrate the LGBT Pride Festival parade, holding up signs with bible quotes as a man on a microphone sprouted out a similar rhetoric.

When Eisenberg came across the group he laughed and shook his head at the individuals. One then offered him a pamphlet, which Eisenberg rejected, before the protester then asked him, “Is your mind closed?”

This provoked Eisenberg to respond, “Is my mind closed? Dude, that’s so f***** up,” before he then walked away from the scene in question.

You can check out a clip of Jesse Eisenberg’s brief, verbal altercation with these protesters by clicking to this link, courtesy of Urban Pictures UK. Warning it features some language that some people might find offensive.

While Jesse Eisenberg is currently performing in ‘The Spoils’ at Trafalgar Studios the sequel to ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, in which Eisenberg played Lex Luthor, ‘Justice League’ is currently shooting just outside of London, too, and the actor has already confirmed that he’ll reprise the part.

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[Images via Summit Entertainment/Urban Pictures UK]