Jersey City's 902 Brewing hops on the Tommy DeVito train with new brew 'Tommy Cutlets'

902 Brewing Co. hopped on the New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito train this month releasing a new brew called "Tommy Cutlets."

The Jersey City brewing company released Tommy Cutlets Italian-style pilsner in time for their Pints with Santa event on Dec. 2.

Tommy Cutlets comes in at 4.8% ABV and can be purchased in a bright blue, New York Giants-themed can which features DeVito's trending Italian hand gesture. The can also has the phrases, "This one is for QB1. The Jersey guy. The underdog story." 902 posted a reel showing off the can on Instagram to the tune "Woke Up This Morning" by Alabama 3, famously known as "The Sopranos" theme song.

They even sent some beer to the Giants locker room for the team to try.

DeVito said he was surprised when the "Tommy Cutlets" beer showed up in the Giants' locker room after practice late Wednesday afternoon. He was unaware of how this came about, but figured punter and teammate Jamie Gillan at the very least had a hand in it. Gillan previously brewed his own beer, "Hammer Lyte."

DeVito handed out six packs to teammates, and wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Isaiah Hodgins immediately praised him on social media.

Fans and customers responded on social media saying, "Looks like I'm buying a pack tomorrow!" and "Love it!"

902 Brewing responded saying, "We feel like everyone could use a nice, thin chicken cutlet with vodka sauce and a #TommyCutletsPils to wash it down."

With another one of their beers being called "Brady's Nightmare," it seems likely that 902 Brewing Co. is a New York Giants fan.

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