‘Jeopardy!’ fans shocked and elated by Jeff Goldblum’s big cameo

The World According to Jeff Goldblum was an entire category on Jeopardy! Thursday night. The category was intended to promote Jeff Goldblum’s new Disney+ series, and based on the reactions from social media it worked.

In the series, Goldblum travels all over the world to share in various human experiences. To promote the show he gave clues based off some of the upcoming episodes, complete with supporting clips. And of course because he’s Jeff Goldblum, the reads were very eccentric.

It may not have helped that the clues were a little strange too. One $2000 clue read, “When it comes to videos of unboxing -- sneakers, for example -- I found that it’s all about anticipation and the release of this neurotransmitter that gives us a rush of happiness -- even when the shoes aren’t necessarily for us.” The answer was, “What is dopamine?”

Regardless of what fans thought of Goldblum’s performance, it made beloved host Alex Trebek crack one of his patented dry jokes when he sarcastically said, “It's too bad he didn't seem to enjoy doing those categories and clues for us.” And that’s gotta count for something.