Jennifer Lopez Is an Assassin Protecting Her Daughter in New Trailer

JenniferLopezTheMother - Credit: Netflix/YouTube
JenniferLopezTheMother - Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Jennifer Lopez is an assassin and mother who goes to great lengths to protect her daughter in a new teaser for The Mother. The film arrives in May via Netflix.

In the film, Lopez portrays an assassin who has been in hiding as she’s being pursued by lethal enemies. She reemerges when she finds out her estranged daughter’s life is in danger as well.

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In the clip, Lopez is seen in a snowy, desolate cabin where she appears to be training for what may come. She is seen working out, she has an arsenal of guns, and she hunts deer.

“She needs protection right now,” Lopez’s character says of her daughter, who has been kidnapped from a park.

“You saw what was out there. It’s going to keep coming,” Lopez says as she runs on foot around a city and jumps off buildings in pursuit of the kidnappers. A series of high-speed chases in cars, motorcycles and snowmobiles also ensue. “If there’s trouble, come find me,” she says as she trains her weapon on those who threaten her and her daughter.

The film also stars Joseph Fiennes, Lucy Paez, Omari Hardwick, Paul Raci, and Gael Garcia Bernal.

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