Jennifer Lawrence surprised on 'Ellen' by her own supersize painting

Mike Bagood
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

As part of Jennifer Lawrence’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Ellen brought up her recent 60 Minutes interview — specifically when the show uncovered art she painted when she was younger. As Jennifer tells it, her mother found a self-portrait she had painted when she was 16. Of course, her mother thought it was a masterpiece and “worth $3 million.” Jennifer disagreed and decided the best home for the painting would be hidden in the garage.

60 Minutes discovered the painting thanks to one of Jennifer’s sneaky friends. J.Law told Ellen how she tried to keep the art under wraps, and failed — thanks to her lovely pals.

Jennifer Lawrence: The Artist has a growing list of fans, including Ellen — so much so that she thought the world should cherish this masterpiece as well, or at least those driving by Warner Bros. studios.  Ellen decided that the best place to display the budding artist’s self-portrait would be 50 feet high and on the side of a building.

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